Home Food Storage

Food storage is essential to our survival in a disaster. Saving food for a day like this can give you peace of mind knowing that you are ready for anything. Food storage is also useful for those unexpected times, such as job loss.

The best place to start is to store extra of what you eat everyday. Stock up on items in your pantry when they are on sale. With a little planning you can make sure you don't buy so much that it goes bad before you use it. Most pantry foods will last 6-12 months. Check the expiration dates, think about how many you use a month and plan to have them all used up before they go bad. Once you have a supply built up you can keep up by replacing the items you use each month.

Once you have a good supply of everyday foods you should look into what long-term storage you need. Dry foods like wheat & sugar have a shelf life of 30+ years when stored right. A good supply of staples can make your 6-12 month supply of pantry food stretch out when you don't have the option to replace it.