Food Storage Shelf Life

Shelf life of food stored in air tight containers at constant temperature of 70 degrees. All of the following products will store proportionally longer at cooler temperatures if kept at lower storage temperatures. Shelf life of 30+ years is perfectly feasible for many products.

Sugar30+ Years
Wheat30+ Years
Dried Whole Corn30 Years
Carrots8-10 Years
Fruit Drink Mix8-10 Years
Dry Beans6-8 Years
Apple Slices6-8 Years
Spaghetti/pasta6-8 Years
Chopped Dry Onions6-8 Years
Hot Cocoa3-4 Years
Rolled Oats4-5 Years
Vanilla/Chocolate Pudding5 Years
White Flour5 Years
Soup Mix4-5 Years
Rice, White or Brown3-4 Years
Nonfat Dry Milk2-3 Years
Instant Potatoes1-2 Years
Refried Beans4-6 Years
Barley10 Years
Corn8-12 Years
Corn Meal5 Years

Expanded Basics
Whole Flax Seed10+ Years
Powdered Eggs15 Years
Butter/Margarine15 Years
Buckwheat4 Years
Cheese Powder15 Years