Food storage Tips

All food contains bacteria and mold spores, and most food contains insect eggs. Given the right environment, these microorganisms will start to grow and destroy the food. The main conditions that can cause insects and microorganisms to grow are moisture and heat.

Protect food storage from heat. To prolong shelf life, store all products away from heat and sunlight. Food stores best at 70 degrees or cooler. The cooler you keep your food, the longer it will keep. Heat is a major cause of deterioration in food quality. Store all products away from heat ducts, clothes dryers, sunlight, chimneys and other sources of heat.

Protect food from moisture. Store products on shelves or raised platforms (such as 2x4 inch boards), rather than directly in contact with concrete floors or walls, to avoid moisture damage. If products are not properly packaged, they can absorb moisture out of the air. When the moisture reaches a level of 12% to 18%, product breakdown will accelerate. Make sure to store food in a dry place.

Protect products from rodents and insects.Bulk dry food storage products store well in #10 cans, foil pouches, glass canning jars, PETE (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles, and plastic buckets. Oxygen absorber packets are available to place in any kind of sealed container. They will help protect food from any undetected bugs, eggs, etc. (Do not use oxygen packs in sugars)