Non-food Essentials

There are many non-food items that are important to have so you can be sure you are prepared not only by having food, but being able to prepare it, cook it and clean up when you are done.


If the gas and/or electricity are out you'll need a way to cook besides your microwave or range. Some good options are camp stoves, dutch ovens and even that propane grill on your back porch.

Personal Hygiene

Who wants to go a day without toilet paper? When the water isn't working and you can't go to the store for more soap you'll wish you could wash your hands.


What will you do when the cell towers are down or busy? Will you be able to communicate between home and work to see if your family is OK let them know you are staying put or trying to get home?

Amateur radio, also known as "ham radio" is much more affordable than it was years ago. Decent, entry level radios are in the $40 range for a hand held transceiver. You do need a license to use one, but that is easy. Take a look at for practice tests, and more information.

Are you trying to setup an Igate with APRX and mobilinkd? Here are my notes.


In an emergency it isn't so hard to feel alright if you have food, water and shelter. That feeling can quickly change when it starts to get dark and you realize that you don't have flashlights, candles or even a spare bulb.