Pandemic Prepardness

If someone in your home becomes ill, they should be isolated in a separate room. If several are sick, they can be the same room. It is important to protect yourself When caring for those who are ill. You will need some or all of the personal protective equipment (PPE) below:

  • Disposable vinyl, nitrile, or latex gloves or other reusable gloves that can be disinfected
  • Protective clothing (long sleeved coveralls with a waterproof apron) or a disposable surgical gown or Tyvek suit
  • Disposable shoe covers or those that can be disinfected
  • Safety goggles or face shield
  • Wear at least the minimum level of respiratory protection which is a surgical mask or preferably an N95 respirator
  • These items must be removed in the proper sequence to avoid contaminating yourself

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