When planning your office or school emergency kit, the least you should place in it is water, a mask, a light source, preferably hands-free, any medicine you need, and a first aid kit.

  • 2 lightsticks with hook and lanyard o
  • 1 carbon-filtering dusk mask (for smoke, dusk, debris, etc.) o
  • 2 juice pouches or bottles of water o
  • 1 travel first aid kit (2 2x2 inch gauze, 2 knuckle Band-aids, 2 medium Band-aids, 2 small Band-aids, 2 butterfly closure Band-aids) o
  • 1 travel bottle of Tylenol o
  • 1 travel bottle of Visine o
  • 1 travel bottle of hand sanitizer o
  • 1 travel size wet wipes o
  • 1 Ace bandage o
  • 1 large 4x6 inch stick on bandage o
  • A high in protein snack or candy o
  • 1 small flashlight